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Our Services

 Product Design

At Symcore Technologies, our dedicated team, an ideal mix of innovation and experience, has the expertise to bring any of your awesome idea to reality. We can design prototypes ranging from small factor designs to multi board, multi platform complex designs. The client only needs to present the idea and we are ready to present tailored solution.


Embedded Hardware Design

Have a requirement limited to hardware designing only? We got your back. Just hand over the design requirements and sit back, while we give the physical shape to your design. We can design multi layer high speed PCBs with effective performance and compliance with the industry standards.


Product Manufacturing

Be relieved of the huge burden of managing mass production of your product. With our excellent team and huge network in industry, not only do we design it for you, we can mass manufacture your products and manage your stock. 


  Embedded Software Design

So you got your hardware designed and need to put soul in it? You are at the right place. Our team has years of experience in Embedded software development. We have the expertise to develop firwmare for various platforms such ARM cortex series consisting of various vendors like STM, TI, NXP and others


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