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 Product Design

Do you have this awesome idea for a product that you believe has the potential to break into the market but somehow you are not sure where to begin or what, to begin with? We are here for that exactly. Having vast experience in the core product design, we at Symcore Technologies can take the idea in your head out there to where it belongs – the market. We have dedicated experts for each and every stage of the product design. Starting right from the proof of concept to actual prototype, from a rough block diagram to the actual design schematic, from a tiny flowchart to thousands of lines of code, from a pencil drawing to the actual 3d model, we take care of it all. 

Why choose us for your product?

Reduced Cost

Products are designed to reduce the cost of the BOM and manufacturing and test. We do everything we can to provide you a competitive design.

Design Optimization

We optimize our designs and do not include anything that is not required. We focus on providing exactly what you need.


We “worst-case time test” all our designs to assure that you have reliable products off the manufacturing line and for years to come.

Production Life

We never design in obsolescence. We carefully choose components that at least match the expected life of your product.

Complete Documentation

We provide complete documentation for all the work we do, including Functional Specs., Design Specs, Code and Design File Comments, BOM, User Manual.

Design Support

We are always here to help you transition to manufacturing. In addition, we are here to help your teams take over the product design and to help with product design enhancements.

Other Services

Product Manufacturing

Be relieved of the huge burden of managing mass production of your product. With our excellent team and huge network in industry, not only do we design it for you, we can mass manufacture your products and manage your stock. 


Embedded Hardware Design

Have a requirement limited to hardware designing only? We got your back. Just hand over the design requirements and sit back, while we give the physical shape to your design. We can design multi layer high speed PCBs with effective performance and compliance with the industry standards.


Embedded Software Design

So you got your hardware designed and need to put soul in it? You are at the right place. Our team has years of experience in Embedded software development. We have the expertise to develop firwmare for various platforms such ARM cortex series consisting of various vendors like STM, TI, NXP and others


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