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About Us

Established in 2019, Symcore Technologies is a highly reputed product design and engineering services company and has quickly gained clients globally. We offer complete turnkey solutions right from proof-of-concept, design & prototyping all the way up to completely managing your small & large volume production. We help clients solve their most complicated issues by breaking the necessities into achievements. The products we design offer attractive user experiences and impressive visual designs. Our excellent team equipped with the latest industry skill set and our reach to numerous vendors makes it easy for us to take off any idea in the domain of Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics, IoT, and many other areas.

What We Do Differently

We figured that the Indian market has high manufacturing costs because of the non-availability of sophisticated manufacturing firms locally. Our primary focus was and is to eliminate additional costs associated with manufacturing a product. We have been successfully able to eliminate the cost in logistics and bridge the gap between designers, developers and testers by providing in house end to end development in both hardware and software. 

Our Mighty Mite

Our small but mighty team has software and hardware developing crackerjacks! A team that is committed to providing a cost-effective solution to our clients and achieve it to a great extent by eliminating the cost in logistics and bridging the gap between, designers, developers, testers

Meet The Team


Asif Shah

CEO & Business Development Manager

A young mind with freshly brewing ideas and engineering background started off as a freelancer in embedded designing but always sensed a bigger opportunity.​ 

And if opportunities don't knock, you build a door! After a few successful product designs as a freelancer, he went out there looking for like-minded geeks with the complementary skillset to take this journey forward. That’s when our company was born and you heard the first cry - SYMCORE.


S. S. Shek

CTO & Lead Design Architect

Shek brings in a variety of Embedded Development Experience, from Process Measurement to Industrial Automation. His expertise spans bare metal to Real-Time Embedded Systems Design and Development. 
His design mantra is to have an isolated, scalable, and platform-oriented design facilitating multiple product development and reusable isolated modules.


P. V. Shah

CTO & Software Design Head

Shah is a Linux Geek with 9+ years of industrial experience in Embedded Software Development on cross Linux platforms. His experience ranges from developing the embedded products that work across the dedicated platforms for various industries like dairy to full-blown Enterprises Networking Switches. He believes that "Logic is an Art"

Taking You Through Our Journey

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