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Product Manufacturing

Be relieved of the huge burden of managing the mass production of your product. With our excellent team and a huge network in the industry, not only do we design it for you, we can mass manufacture your products and manage your stock. We are handing out conclusive “product development and manufacturing” services to assist not just startups, but established brands too, fabricating products for them, delivering assured quality, where our experts provide the much-needed guidance ensuring your product requirements are met in a timely, quality-driven, and cost-efficient manner.

Each of our custom manufacturing services starts with our sophisticated product engineering team that turns your original design idea to mass production with cost-saving and high efficiency.

At Symcore, we offer end to end DFM and DFA services to our clients for both new as well as existing product designs. We design the products to perform specific functions keeping the manufacturing cost in mind and make sure the products stay competitive in the marketplace. In Design for assembly, we review the current design with an eye for elements and features of the design which can be improved in order to eliminate or minimize the touch labor. DFA is also essential to minimize the costs of a production assembly.  Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best engineering practices, and a strong network of manufacturers & vendors in various domains.

We cater to all PCB requirements including PCB fabrication, sourcing of components, and complete electronic PCB assembly. We have a state of the art PCB manufacturing facility, a dedicated highly skilled professional team for procurement of high-quality low-cost electronic components, and a PCB assembly team to meet the requirements of customers.


Our product development strategies meet the evolving market demands while ensuring consumer choices, critical timelines, and budgets. We have the ability to shoulder “design and development” at any stage of the product development life cycle such as defining, designing, verifying, or realizing the product. Before we start product development, we ensure that acceptance criteria have been very clearly arrived at. We diligently follow up with our customers until we are certain what the customer would deem acceptable to meet product requirements and expectations.

After final client approval of samples and its finish, we initiate full swing production run and manufacture the batch as per your EOQ requirements. Depending upon the product requirements we offer various manufacturing services from injection molding, sheet metal stamping, PCB manufacturing, CNC manufacturing to 3D printing. Manufactured parts go through a rigorous secondary treatment process meeting the exact specification of colors, surface treatment, and finish you demand.


We Ensure “zero-defect” production when producing in large quantities. Each PCB goes through a PCB testing machine where each surface point and through-hole/vias are tested before being assembled. Finally, the PCBA and enclosure are being assembled at the assembly line and each final assembled product is tested as per the test requirement procedure. We offer different levels of testing depending upon client requirements. In today’s competitive business scenario manufacturing organizations have to continuously improve their product development processes in order to meet increasing expectations on user experience, quality, and cost. At Symcore Technologies, we understand these challenges and deliver value during various phases of product development by deploying experienced engineering talent, coupled with knowledge of the latest engineering technology to provide innovative solutions in shorter cycle times and within budget.


Other Services

 Product Design

At Symcore Technologies, our dedicated team, an ideal mix of innovation and experience, has the expertise to bring any of your awesome idea to reality. We can design prototypes ranging from small factor designs to multi board, multi platform complex designs. The client only needs to present the idea and we are ready to present tailored solution.

Embedded Hardware Design

Have a requirement limited to hardware designing only? We got your back. Just hand over the design requirements and sit back, while we give the physical shape to your design. We can design multi layer high speed PCBs with effective performance and compliance with the industry standards.


Embedded Software Design

So you got your hardware designed and need to put soul in it? You are at the right place. Our team has years of experience in Embedded software development. We have the expertise to develop firwmare for various platforms such ARM cortex series consisting of various vendors like STM, TI, NXP and others


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