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Get Your Concepts With Market With Skilled Product Design andDevelopment

Are you working on a new project, but lack the expertise for advanced surface modeling in-house? Gotideas­­­­­--but require the Class “A” surface modeling skills to take them to the next step?

Symcore Technologies Electronic Product design services include systems architecture, Design capture, PCB layout Design, Design Analysis (Signal Integrity Analysis, EMI analysis, Thermal Analysis, Reliability analysis), Embedded software development and Electronic manufacturing Services (PCB Fabrication, PCB assembly, and Testing) for Engineering prototypesand production. Symcore’s product development and industrial design services provide you the technology and professional expertise required to create innovative product designs that provide the right quality to the right market---all while alleviating unnecessary costs and risks.

IoT Gateway Design

The gateway is the bridge between the sensor network and the cloud. It collects all the data transmitted by the sensors and can also push periodic firmware updates to them. Nuvation Engineering can deliver custom gateway solutions or augment an existing device.

● Embedded software development of sensor data collection solutions
● Latency management to deliver near real-time performance
● Data flow management for large data sets
● The PCB design and I/O integration (e.g. Ethernet, USB)
● Power management
● Cloud connectivity (e.g. cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi)

Embedded Systems and Applications


Symcore Embedded Systems and Applications team have vast experience in providing solutions to our customers to support the Product life cycle with embedded design services, embedded verification, and validation services and system solutions.

Hardware Design Services

Embedded Design Service team supports complete electronic hardware design activities which include the schematic design, bill of material finalization, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, prototyping, production support, and FPGA design services for customer-specific requirements.The key hardware design ranges from small-footprint, power-optimized solutions to high-end, rugged systems built around various embedded processors and DSPs.

Mechanical Design Services

EDS addresses mechanical design requirements for product engineering with 3D modeling and rapid prototyping techniques to provide early user experience during the product development cycle. It also has expertise in re-engineering and tears down analysis for product life extension. With its eco partner, EDS provides manufacturing and support to completemechanical engineering requirements for New Product Development(NPD). With its expertise in tools and customized processes, EDS bringsreliable, feature-rich products at competitive prices with the leastdevelopment lead time. Mechanical Design services also include engineering drawing conversion, industrial design requirements, and man-machine interface requirements.

FPGA Design Services

Today, many of the High speed and complex designs need the integration and flexibility that an FPGA can offer. The ability to be reconfigured enables the FPGAs to extend the lifecycle of a custom product to suit the changing market needs. EDS has the right experience and capability to satisfy any phase of the product life cycle including partial or complete architecture design, feature additions to existing designs, test bench development or functional verification. EDS FPGA services include Design/Development, RTL coding, Test suite preparation, simulation, and Testing/Verification. We provide turnkey development services in FPGA for High-Speed Bus interfaces, Integration of modules, Multi-million gates complex design and concept to the specification of the chip to the final board-level target hardware. We are a Custom Embedded/Electronics Design Services firm that provides everything you need to develop your embedded technology-based product or system. A2e's Electronic Design Services include embedded systems and electronic product design consulting as well as full turnkey product development and manufacturing through our multiple design centers.

Why Our Designs Are Better

Reduced Cost

Products are designed to reduce the cost of the BOM and manufacturing and test. We do everything we can to provide
you a competitive design.

Optimized Designs


We optimize our designs and do not include anything that is not required. We focus on providing exactly what you need.



We “worst-case time test” all our designs to assure that you have reliable products off the manufacturing line and for years to come.

Long Production Life


We never design in obsolescence. We make sure only components that at least match the expected life of your product are designed in.

Complete Documentation


We provide complete documentation for all the work we do, including Functional Specs., Design Specs, Code and Design File Comments, BOM, User Manual.



We are always here to help you transition to manufacturing. In addition, we are here to help your teams take over the product design and to help with product design enhancements.

Our experts unite a profound understanding of your business challenges, product requirements, latest methodologies, technologies and materials, customer use specifications, and cost objectives to accompany you through your entire product design, industrial & product development process.

Symcore’s Product Engineering Services team can help clients through all or any phase of their product development life cycle – from concept to execution. Our embedded product engineering designs have been
commercially deployed across India and the world in a wide range of applications. Symcore’s is one among the leading product engineering services companies in India

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